To help us design one, here are just some examples of the character attributes requested so far.  The artful topper will build anything you like if it can be done and it's legal and not designed to offend!

  • NEW - Silver or gold effect clock insert

  • Hair colour, hair style, hat

  • Bottle top type or colour (Topper has most of them but not all will solder)

  • Holding a tool, a 1st place rosette, bat, racket, fishing rod, golf club, sitting on a chair, standing on a tank(!), on a trampoline, skateboarding, cooking, holding flowers, walking a dog, frying an egg, putting a star on top of a Christmas tree, kicking a malfunctioning Mars Rover, playing football, rugby, tennis, real tennis (Google it!), cricket, mowing a lawn, riding a bike, motorbike, playing an instrument.

  • Wearing a uniform, hat, jacket, lab coat, teachers gown, wellies, hi-vis jacket, footy scarf, hockey kit, rugby kit, morris dancing ribbons and bells, wedding dress, wedding suit

  • Sunglasses

The choice is yours!


Topper characters are built using bottle tops, tin cans, wire and solder.  Characters can be painted or left showing the original top.

Top Tip

Some of the most fun characters are a fusion of ideas.

For example, my brother likes owls, Go-Karting, drinks cider supports Liverool FC.

What can you do?

Answer:  An owl driving a Go-Kart with a Liverpool scarf complete with a personalised birthday message