They said

Oct 2018 - Lady violinist in clogs - 'Tim, its just arrived and it's fantastic! - DK, Ackland,Ohio USA

Oct 2018 - Lady sitting at sewing machine in purple - 'That's perfect Tim!' - BM from Childrey

Oct 2018 - Fulham footy player - 'That looks great, Thanks!' - WG from North Leigh

Oct 2018 - Lady wearing skull T-shirt - 'Love it, Love it, Love it' - LN from Ruislip

Sep 2018 - Cricketer batsman with personal message on his shirt - 'Perfect' - KC from Charlbury

Sep 2018 - Lewis Hamilton F1 racing car - 'That is lovely, opened yesterday, stepfather loves it' - AP from Yateley

Jun 2018 - BBQ man - 'He is perfect!  Thank you' - HM from Milton

Jun 2018 - Man up a wind farm windmill with tennis racket - 'Hi Tim, love it and the seagull is a great touch! I’m really happy with this' - SF from Pertshire, Scotland.

Mar 2018 - J20 lady holding a bunch of flowers - 'I think it’s fantastic, thank you so much! A truly unique birthday gift, so just what I wanted!' - AE from Reading.

Jan 2018 - Bride and groom - 'Love it! Thank you.' - EE from Wallingford

Dec 2017 - Wasps rugby player and bricklayer - 'Thanks for the bricky and rugby player, they are great!' - JF from Thame

Dec 2017 - Chef cooking an egg - 'He looks great!' - CC from Wallingford

Nov 2017 - Arsenal Player - 'He is FAB, thank you very much' - SG from Chinnor

Dec 2017 - Baker lady with rolling pin - 'Love it, love it, love it! - CB from Didcot

Nov 2017 - 11 various 'guest' characters for a dinner party (including fisherman, biologist, IT man, man hanging star on Xmas tree, guitar player - 'They were absolutely fabulous, everyone loved them, a great addition to the occasion. Thank you very much.' - WC from Didcot

Dec 2017 - Chelsea golf player - 'The Chelsea golf player is great! - HF from Wallingford

Dec 2017 - Aston Villa dog walker with tennis racket and springer spaniel - 'That' s brilliant thanks so much !' - JR from Wallingford


Dec 2017 - Yoga lady in Warrior 1 pose - 'Wow. That’s fantastic I love it and can’t wait to see it for real.' - JA from South Bucks

Dec 2017 - Artist at easel and boy on skateboard - 'Tim - wow thank you I love them ! 😊☺' - FF from Chinnor

Dec 2017 - Slightly merry Disco Diva - 'Thats awesome thank you!!' - RH from Carterton

Nov 2017 - Spanish rugby player and fireman - 'They are great thank you' - GS from Steventon

Nov 2017 - Giraffe - 'Hi Tim, I absolutely love him!' - RH from Carterton

Nov 2017 - Elephant, trampoliner and Thame hockey player - 'Love them thank you perfect. ' - LG from Chinnor

Oct 2017 - Soldier standing on a tank, mechanic with a huge spanner and a beekeeper - 'Just like to say how pleased we were with our little characters. We appreciate the trouble you went to in making them.' JW from Oxfordshire

Oct 2017 - Bass guitarist in baseball cap - 'He's lovely! I certainly do want him.' - EH from Wallingford

Sep 2017 - Unicorn - 'Absolutely brilliant.' - CM from Didcot

Sep 2017 - Cricketer - 'Thanks, looks good! - LS from Wallingford

Sep 2017 - Paralympic archer and table tennis player - 'Thank you the video of the table tennis player which we both think is great.   Once again you have captured the spirit of what we wanted.' - GC from Wallingford.

Aug 2017 - Trophies for gardening competitions - 'Hi Tim, they are brilliant, Thank you.' - LG from Blewbury